Welcome to Horizon
Professional Counselling and Assessment Services in Saskatoon

To all our valued clients, we would like to assure you that during this time we continue to provide you with the care that you are accustomed to. With commitment to your well-being, we diligently monitor and implement health recommendations for COVID-19.

Some of our counsellors are now offering in-person sessions to our current and new clients. We also continue to offer online therapy and phone sessions. Take a look at our booking page to see the counsellors’ availability, rates and practice areas. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing [email protected]

Our Location

We are glad to offer our clients a private and comfortable space located close to downtown Saskatoon, in the City Park neighbourhood. Free street parking is available.

Helpful Tips and Resources

Helpful Tips to Get You Through Difficult Times

With the arrival of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in our city and province it is natural to have some fears and anxieties about the unknown.  Our regular routines have been disrupted.  Many people are now working from home, children are not in school, and we adjust to the new reality of social distancing and self-isolating.  In addition […]
  • Posted:March 27, 2020

Grief Help: Books to Help You Cope

Grief has been compared to ocean waves, a storm, and a wildfire. Many people compare their experience of grief with being thrown into the wilderness with a challenge to survive and find a way to live. While our initial reaction is often shock and numbness, we often seek to find something to hold on to, […]
  • Posted:May 12, 2019